About Us

Education occupies a key place and works as a powerful catalyst for raising the intelligence know how of an individual .We are aware of this enormous impact and lay great stress on education, quality one at that too.

To emphasise our reliance on this point we ensure that:
•    We have only 10-12 students at a time for each Class/Course. This ensures greater interaction with each student and makes them more involved in the subject topic and enable them to achieve better clarity and thinking of their doubts and views.
•    We hold periodic mock, Aptitude and psychological test to assess our student’s knowledge and understanding of the subject.
•    We encourage our students to come up with their doubts.
•    Computer Aided Learning is used so that students can develop a clear understanding of the subject.
•    Special emphasis on Observation and Visualisation enhancement skills.
Learning at Studio Sreejanshilpa is never a tiresome or a boring session, but is Stimulating, Interesting and Educative.
We look forward with tremendous enthusiasm and passion to usher our Institute to greater heights and earn the status of a world - class Studio for Preparation in Architecture and Design Entrance exams.  

Our Policy Students should not be vessels into which knowledge is poured. They should read, think, form and refine ideas and write - and the role of the professor or tutor is to shape and develop that process of critical evaluation and exposition. Thus, we believe in teaching "How to think" and not "What to think".

Vision Mission
•    To sensitize youngsters to identify and understand Design in relation to / in everyday life and environment.
•    To nurture art, culture, human and moral values.
•    To train innovative thinkers and problem solvers.
•    To encourage Research Oriented Design.
•    To provide an atmosphere conducive to enhancement of the total personality of every student.
•    To give every opportunity to students to realize their creative potential
•    To impart quality Art & Design Education.
•    To tune Design Education with Professional requirements.

We would also like to share the following information with the student fraternity:
•    Career after 12th standard is full of options. In such condition, from amongst all the fields they are good at, the students need to figure out what will suit them  the most when it comes to building a career. It is to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, likings, aptitude and interest and to give them a clear direction towards their goal we have designed our curriculum.
•    We would like to make students aware and emphasise the fact that a career in Design is independent of any particular subject.
•    For Architecture Colleges Students from any stream with Maths can join the curriculum .
•    NID, NIFT  and  some of the Other Designing colleges accept students from all streams in their Design curriculum. Science is however required for  programmes like B.F.Tech etc.  

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